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The Window is a dark comedy about Nadeen, an immigrant Lebanese woman and her liberation in the seventies.

Nayera, a politically exiled Lebanese woman, lives with her teenage son Alfie and waits by the window for her husband to return.

Julian, an FBI man, shows up at their doorstep and requests the use of that same window to spy on a woman across the street that, according to him, is involved in some nefarious activity. The friendship between Nayera and Julian is interrupted when Ramsey, the estranged husband, returns. A dark comedy in pre-production.


Nicole Ansari as Nayera

James Callanan: Cinematography 

Brenden Letizia: Sound 

Caroline Sinclair: Casting

Andre Degas: Director/Producer

Sal Oppedisano and Josh Abbey: Associate Producers

OUT-OF-80S copy.png


A struggling young filmmaker is hired to make a Gay porn film as the Aids epidemic begins. 

It’s the only job he can get. The problem is he is not gay. A coming of age story.


'This is a quirky and outside-the-box read that elevates subject matter by offering deft social commentary in a manner that does not feel overly preachy.'  - The Black List


'Out Of The 80's is a thoughtful and provocative screenplay, an engaging read from start to finish.' - ISA

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