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House Of Charity
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It is early morning in the House of Charity. The all-male residents are preparing an annual Thanksgiving meal for the homeless. It’s not so easy to distinguish between the cooks inside and their guests lined up outside. Meanwhile, crucial donors will soon arrive to vet their action. As food begins to fly, an angelic disembodied voice advises the house not to take things too seriously. Seriously?  

The Window

In Development


The Window is a dark comedy about Nadeen, an immigrant Lebanese woman and her liberation in the seventies.

Hard won not by being part of the “Me-Generation”, but ironically through self-sacrifice and exceptional motherhood toward her son Alfie. The 70’s was about atomized individualism and pivotal change, a great contrast to a woman trying to hold on to traditions and old world values. Las Vegas, is sin city, a perfect contrast to this isolated mother trying to protect her son from explosive sexuality and self-indulgence. The Window has strong connections to current events, the plight of The Dreamers. It has great potential in altering audiences perspective on immigration or at least open the dialogue on the subject matter.

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