The House Of Charity Audio Drama Series Outline

Broke, ashamed, and at the end of his rope, Cody, a financial advisor with a serious opioid habit, fails to kill himself. He is mandated by a judge to face jail or got to a therapeutic community, aptly named The House of Charity. He joins seven addicts recovering under the guidance of Gabrielle, a striking and smart female counselor. Cody and his crew are the fuel for this six-part series. Redemption is a dominant theme in the men’s journeys, with each episode focusing on obstacles faced by a dominant character. Cody’s recovery becomes possible when he admits his work situation is dysfunctional and his relationship, which nearly led to felonious behavior, is unhealthy.

Vaughn is a forty-year-old alcoholic physician from Louisiana who has been in conflict with his mother since childhood. His epiphany comes when he sees the bitter truth about his resentment and learns to forgive himself and his mother - despite the fact that she refuses his apologies. Vaughn returns to the House of Charity and makes a commitment to become a better husband and father, and to help others. This becomes his living amend.

Charming and wise, Ricky, is a pretty HIV-positive male who survived on the streets of the Midwest as a hustler. He is coping with early life trauma of being sexually abused by his father. During his time at the House of Charity his self-esteem and compliance improve. He rejects a scheme devised by another patient to work a sex line, instead going out on a healthy date - his first in sobriety.

Art, a country western meth-addicted truck driver, learns that resentment against his cheating ex-wife is destroying his life. He breaks his denial momentarily when he admits he blamed his wife and children and exploited them emotionally. Ultimately, he can’t handle the truth about his past; he leaves the House of Charity and relapses in a rundown motel. The group learns that he was killed in a car accident, possibly a suicide.

Felipe, a newly-sober salsa musician and heroin addict, refuses to accept help. He does everything in his power to anger others and is perpetually the recipient of negative attention. Ricky, the gay man, befriends him. Felipe admits to Ricky that he never learned to read or write properly, and this embarrassment was also an obstacle to growth. Ricky convinces Felipe to change his behavior and return to school.

In the final episode the counselor, Gabrielle, must relinquish some of her control over the men. Throughout the first 5 episodes she expressed her frustration in indirect and passive ways. The shift in her attitude begins when she learns to give advice only when asked for it. We learn that she had a brother who was an addict, and she had failed to help him. Now she must learn to accept that each person has their own journey and find new ways to gage her success as a counselor.